Setup notepad++ as a custom editor

I am trying to setup notepad++ as my custom editor using the GUI. I check the textbox, but I do not know which is the appropiate command to make it work. Every time I type the edit command an error box appears telling that it cannot run the custom editor (notepad++).
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Hello Sergio, welcome on Octave-Discourse.

The command for starting notepad++ should be something like

C:\Octave\notepad++\notepad++.exe -n%l %f

Where the folder C:\Octave\notepad++ depends on the location where you have installed Octave. Since notepad++ is probably not in the search path for executable files (%PATH%), you have to provide the full path to the exe-file.

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Am I supposed to paste this code on Command Prompt?

No, you have to enter this in the settings dialog, tab Editor. In this tab, you have to check the option Use custom file editor and enter the command into the filed command line.

The settings dialog is activated by the command preferences or via the menu Edit - Preferences.

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