Signal processing with octave

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Problem description

so , my problem is that I’m using octave in signal processing and I need some functions of the digital modulation as pskmod so I don’t know what to do in order to get solution …
thank you

My system

  • OS: macOS high Sierra
  • Octave version: e.g. Version 5.2.0
  • Installation method: e.g. Downloaded and installed “octave-5.2.0-w64-installer.exe” from

The pskmod function is in the communications package. I think the package is included in the Windows distribution. If so, all you need to do is load it with pkg load communications.

It’s not clear from the original report. But the OP might be using MacOS High Sierra.
In that case, the following might work to install the package from Octave Forge:

pkg install -forge communications

I don’t have a Mac. So no guarantees this will work…