So many warnings upon loading NAN package

Dear All Octave Developers,
I am testing a package named nan. Whenever I load it by:

pkg load nan

It will show many warnings similar to this one:
warning: function C:\MYPROG~1\Octave\mingw64\share\octave\packages\nan-3.5.2\center.m shadows a core library function
warning: called from load_packages_and_dependencies at line 48 column 5
load_packages at line 47 column 3
pkg at line 461 column 7

Are these errors? How do I correct them?
Thanks for your attentions. :slightly_smiling_face:

My system:
Windows 10 64 bit; Octave v5.2.0 64 bit.

The idea of the nan-package is to provide a different handling of NaN values, compared to Octave’s builtin functions. For this purpose the nan-package overloads (shadows) several Octave functions. Octave issues a warning for shadowing something builtin, to prevent accidental “shadowing misbehavior”. But you are right, in case of the nan-package this overloading is done intentionally and might be nicely suppressed while loading the package. For some reason the package maintainer did not choose to fix a reported bug about this issue.

To silence those warnings yourself, you can wrap the package loading like this:

old_state = warning ("off", "Octave:shadowed-function");
pkg load nan
warning (old_state);

Very detailed explanation and solution. Your codes work. Thanks. :upside_down_face: