Some test problem

This is some test problem sent by email

Not using Discourse forum.


When using the web forum, it seems you must be logged in to post or reply to messages. How does it work for email? Is there a moderation scheme set up? A list of approved email addresses that will post automatically?

Yeah, I am still trying to figure things out. My goal is, that users can sent without registration an initial question to this address For further replies you get the correct correspondence email address in the sender field. I wrote a little more about my experience here:

But the easiest way of communication with Discourse is still just using this forum :innocent:

Yeah, email is dead. Long live the new interface to email!

But seriously, I think more people will want to use the forum interface in the future.

Will registration be a significant barrier to participation? Does it matter? I mean, if you are asking for gratis support and you can’t be bothered to create an account ID…

I think email is not dead, but it has limitations where a forum might be superior. Especially the younger generation of students/developers, growing up knowing social media platforms with nice colorful features since using computers are less willing to restrict to an “old school email” to my experience, which has other benefits as well.

A list I created over the last years roughly covers:

  1. Newcomers ignoring the mailing-list rules (very frequent in the past) they don’t know / find the rules, have not sufficient skills to modify the standard settings of their email client (on their smartphone)
  2. Code snippets: after 70 - 80 lines the code gets wrapped, special chars get replaced by smileys, Octave command prompt “>>” is confused with quote of previous mail, etc.
  3. Long conversations: When not snipping with discipline, after answer 5 totally loose the overview (this is when I went to nabble to get a threaded overview about the conversation.
  4. Include screenshots to the problem description.

Maybe more.

Regarding the login, there are many ways of social login (GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) in the coming days I want to add more of them, that creating an account is not more effort than clicking a button. If somebody likes more control or does not use social media at all, can still use the plain old account creation feature.

Last but not least the aforementioned method to send from an unknown email address a help topic to the help category.