Start release process of Octave 7.2.0

Like we talked about in last online meeting, we’d like to start the release process of Octave 7.2.0 soon.

Quite a few bugs and other issues have been identified and fixed on the stable branch since the release of Octave 7.1.0. Thank you to everyone who reported an issue, helped tracking it down, provided a fix, or helped in any other way to improve Octave! :heart:

There are a few open reports on Savannah that are tagged for Octave 7.1.0. See, e.g., GNU Octave - Savannah Bugs and Patches.
Afaict, the most important ones are already marked as “Ready for Test”.
Going through that list, bug #62420: inputParser fails due to interpreter changes in 7.1.0 might be something that we might want to look into because it significantly limits the basic functionality of a built-in function.

Other than that, we should probably prepare the NEWS file for the update.

Does anyone have other issues they’d like to see fixed before 7.2.0, or know other steps that need to done?

Which changes should be done before it makes sense to prepare a release candidate?


The [GNU Octave - Savannah Bugs and Patches] page says there are 23 bugs pertaining to Octave 7 but the link it uses [GNU Octave - Bugs: Browse Items [Savannah]] lists only 4. It turns out those 4 refer to 7.0.90 not to 7.1. Are those 4 still valid (i.e. they need to be updated to 7.1) or are they fixed?

Thanks. I tagged those bugs for either “dev” or “7.1.0”.

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OK, but now it shows 0 bugs on clicking the link for Octave 7 bugs. Does that URL need to be edited on

I composed a list of changes since the release of Octave 7.1.0 from the commit messages and added it to the NEWS file here:
octave: b4a6ea55154f (

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During last online developer meeting, we agreed to aim for a first release candidate of Octave 7.2.0 during the two weeks following that meeting. That is around now.

However, I just noticed bug #62588 with the editor built into Octave’s GUI. That should probably be fixed before moving ahead (because it could be quite annoying for testers).
After that, can we move on to prepare a release candidate from the current head of the stable branch? Are there other pending changes for which we should delay the release candidate?

Edit: bug #62588 is fixed. Thanks @ttl for the quick turn-around.


Sorry for my delay. I’ll try to create a release candidate today along with binaries for Windows.


Thanks for doing that. And no worries about any delay. I very much appreciate your lead in Octave.

I found the source tarballs and Windows installers/archives on
I downloaded the installer for Windows 64-bit (32-bit Fortran integers). It installed without issues on Windows 11. Also, __run_test_suite__ passed without any FAILs:


  PASS                            17158
  FAIL                                0
  XFAIL (reported bug)               41
  SKIP (missing feature)             16
  SKIP (run-time condition)          52

I’m seeing that you added a tag in the MXE Octave repository:
mxe-octave: a09bdc36cc34

Could you please also add a tag to the revision that you used for the release candidate in the Octave repository?

The buildbot builders for MXE Octave are failing currently. (Both, on your buildbot and @siko1056’s nightly builders.)
They probably need a version bump in the Octave repository (twice: once for the release candidate, and then again for the new development cycle). It would be nice if you could also push those when you come around to it.

Afaik, the GNU alpha servers aren’t mirrored. So, there is probably not much reason to wait for much time before announcing the release candidate.
I’ll add a new thread here for that if no one else beats me to it.

Once again thank you for preparing the release candidate.

I updated the readme file for the Windows installer here:
mxe-octave: 4bdc9167d6ea

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I made the change yesterday but forgot to push it. It should be on savannah now.

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I uploaded the source files for the 7.2.0 release to I expect to be able to upload the windows binaries later today.


Thank you for the release @jwe :partying_face: Website is updated.

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The Savannah bug tracker is still showing 7.1.90 instead of 7.2.0 for new bug submission. Could someone with edit access to Savannah update that please?

EDIT (8/2/2022): I added a 7.2.0 Release tag to Savannah and hid the 7.1.90 tag.

EDIT: (For the avoidance of doubt, the previous edit was by @rik not me. Thanks for updating the bug tracker, Rik.)