Steering new users toward the bug tracker from the help category

Hey, so for new users to the forum, we have the How to ask a question here? topic, which is both pinned and set as a banner. Great! But it only helps direct users who are asking for help.

Can we (or should we) do more to help steer users who came to the forum but really want to report a bug?

I’m not sure we should make the banner itself much longer. Do you think it would be useful to have a second longer pinned topic in the help category, with more details about how to find the user manual, how to ask a question, how to report a bug, how to get to IRC, basically kind of a mashup/duplicate of the Bugs and Support pages?

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Some suggestion: How to report an Octave bug?

I think the linked to pages are already quite verbose and “attractive”. Repeating the content seems to me unnecessary.