Symvar function

I was cleaning up the Octave documentation and found that we have a function symvar in the scripts/miscellaneous directory which has no @DOCSTRING entry. There is a Matlab function of the same name so we can’t get rid of it. Does anyone have a guess where in the manual it should go?

Second issue is that it throws a warning when used for the first time.

warning: inline is obsolete; use anonymous functions instead

The actual code is

vars = argnames (inline (str));

The quickest solution would be to turn off the warning ID for obsolete functions locally in this file. But, is there a better long term solution that we could implement now? Eventually inline functions probably disappear.

I think the only really reliable way to get a list of identifiers in an expression is to actually parse it and extract a list of symbol names from the symbol scope that is associated with the parse tree. Probably not too hard to do, but it seems like a low priority project to me. Maybe just disable the warning locally in the symvar function and add a comment there about how the function could be properly implemented?

I’m not sure where to put the docstring in the manual. Maybe along with function handles?

just to clarify has Section 11.11.3 Inline Functions been removed in future versions since that’s where I currently find symvar?

Inline functions are now deprecated, but because there is no specific end date when they will be removed, they are in the legacy category. They have been removed from the manual on the development branch.

I put the function back in the manual in the function handles section ( I also suppressed the warning about a legacy function.

I put the changes on the development branch, but the 6.1 release doesn’t include symvar in the manual either. Is it worth grafting the change I just made on to stable? I really don’t think people use this function much.

It would be OK, but I don’t know that it is necessary to put the changes on stable.

That’s my opinion as well, I’m not going to bother.