Testers needed for Octave 7.3 and Octave 8

Calling anyone who uses Octave regularly!

There are some bugs that have been marked Ready for Test and could use some testing before they’re closed, if they’re ready to close:

You can also browse other bugs by category at Octave.Space: GNU Octave - Savannah Bugs and Patches

You can use this link to test only Octave 7 bugs, for example.

Please test Octave and comment on the respective bug reports whether you still see errors. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

For most of those tests, interested users would need to build Octave from current sources. For instructions how to do that, please see the following Wiki page and the pages linked from it:
Building - Octave

If you have any questions regarding the build process, please ask in this thread or open a new one on this forum.

Alternatively, for users on Windows, there are periodically built Octave for Windows installers from the current stable branch of Octave that can be downloaded from here:
Octave Space: Download Octave

Please note that some of the changes are done on the stable branch (currently Octave 7.x), and other changes are done on the default branch (which will eventually become Octave 8.x).
Only those changes that were done on the stable branch of Octave are part of the nightly builds of Octave for Windows.

Additionally, testers could use the build artifacts for MINGW64 to test builds of the default branch of Octave with MSYS2 on Windows. Instructions for doing that are here:
Continuous Build (GitHub build artifacts) - Octave