Trouble with package release

Hi, I’m new here and still struggling to release new versions.
I’m trying to release a second version of Internal-Fluid-Flow-for-GNU-Octave.
I updated and fixed the m-files and added further documentation to the package, then I produced a new release under the tag “v0.0.2” and updated the hash string and other inputs in the yaml file.
But I don’t know what to do next. … Any tips?
Thank you for your help.

Hi @aumpierre, thanks for the package update! Let us try to release v0.0.2 to get into the routine:

  1. Verify your main branch is ready for a release: currently I see the following error, thus releasing your package on Octave Packages will result in a failure now (as you can see in step 3)
pkg install
error: parse error near line 125 of file /Users/ts-kai.ohlhus/.local/share/octave/api-v57/packages/internal-fluid-flow-0.0.2/hQeps2fRe.m

  inconsistent function endings -- if one function is explicitly ended, so must all the others
  1. Tag your release on GitHub. This step you performed correctly, unfortunately, there are errors in your package, see step 1.

  2. Edit and create a pull request on a differnt branch like this:

However, your current release tag v0.0.2 contains errors. Either you remove the tag as we have done before New package: "internal-fluid-flow" by siko1056 · Pull Request #130 · gnu-octave/packages · GitHub or you proceed with v0.0.3.

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