UIDROPDOWN equivalent function in OCTAVE

Good morning,
anyone can help me in understanding how is it possible to create a dropdown menu in Octave?
Do you have any code example?
I’ve verified that in Matlab there is a uidropdown function. Is there in Octave anything equivalent?

I don’t know what the uidropdown function in Matlab does. But from the name of it, it might be similar to a uicontrol with "popupmenu" style. E.g.:

hf = figure();
hpm = uicontrol(hf, "style", "popupmenu", "string", {"option 1", "option 2", "option 3"}, "value", 1, "position", [80 50 200 30]);

Thank You, I’ve found here an example also similar to what I was looking for Uicontrols - Octave