Unable to Invoke the GUI

I am utterly new to Octave, so I apologize for asking a seemingly absurd question.

Problem description

Yesterday, I installed Octave on a MacBook. I began by installing Xcode, then followed this by installing the Homebrew package manager. I then used Homebrew to download and install Octave. Everything went quickly and without incident.

To start Octave, I open a terminal and type “octave” at the command prompt. The command line version of Octave opens. In addition, an icon titled “octave-gui” appears in the dock.

It was my understanding that some sort of top-level graphical user interface is supposed to open. No such interface appears. How do I access the GUI?

From the introduction to the documentation:

“On most systems, Octave is started with the shell command ‘octave’. This starts the graphical user interface. The central window in the GUI is the Octave command-line interface. In this window Octave displays an initial message and then a prompt indicating it is ready to accept input. If you have chosen the traditional command-line interface then only the command prompt appears in the same window that was running a shell.”

I don’t remember “choosing” to run the program via the command line interface. At what point would I have made this choice?

My system

  • OS: macOS Big Sur 11.1
  • Octave version: Version 6.1.0
  • Installation method: Downloaded and installed the program via the Homebrew package manager.

Well, I discovered the “–gui” command qualifier, and indeed can now access the GUI.