Unreadable output when typing "help" in the Command Window looking for documentation

Typing “help” in the Command Window, for some functions, gives ugly and unreadable output.

I expect to see this (as visualized on the Octave Forge page):

But when I type “help” in the Command Window instead I get this:

Is this a common problem or is it just because some of my personal settings? How can I solve it? I’m using Windows 11 and Octave 7.1.0

Try Octave (GUI).

The documentation of the symbolic package contains utf-8 encoded characters (such as “partial”) which your terminal emulator (CMD.exe if you’re on windows) does not support.

Works for me on Windows 11:

Unfortunately, unless the symbolic package provides a Qt Help collection file (.qch) the GUI doc browser won’t help.

I meant Octave (GUI) as opposite to Octave (CLI) that uses cmd.exe

I think the GUI also inherits the deficiencies of cmd.exe.

It works for me (as well as for @mmuetzel – see above) on Octave (GUI) but not on
Octave (CLI) – I see the same results ar OP.

I see, so it’s a problem of mine. Any idea about how to fix it?

Maybe again the classic Console versus the new Windows Terminal as the default terminal?

Edit: See, e.g., here for how to switch between them:
Windows Terminal as your Default Command Line Experience - Windows Command Line (microsoft.com)
The old console is what you want.

Does that make a difference?

Another idea if it is not the new Windows Terminal:
What does system('chcp') return for you?

My native language is Italian, so the output is this: