Unsubscribing from Octave Forge SourceForge alert emails

Does anyone know how to unsubscribe from all the alert emails that SourceForge sends out for the Octave Forge project? I got added to them when I joined the project or was made an admin or something a while back, and now I get an email for like every commit that happens in Octave Forge.

I went to SourceForge’s email notification management page at SourceForge.net: Log In to SourceForge.net but its alerts for Octave Forge are fine-grained, and there are dozens of them to uncheck here. That’s a lot of manual clicking. And I don’t see anywhere on the project page at Octave Forge download | SourceForge.net to unsubscribe from all notifications from that project.

Could we make a special category for those announcements so one can mute them?

I also did this marathon recently :exploding_head: I have no idea how to solve this easier :sweat: @dasergatskov do you want to become OF admin to take a look how to create categories if you have more insight on how to tame SourceForge?