Update gnulib ahead of Octave 6 release candidate

Like we agreed during the online meeting, we’d like to update gnulib again ahead of the Octave 6 release candidate.
I had a look at etc/GNULIB.UPDATE in the hg sources. But the instructions seem to be incomplete.
Don’t we have to run an additional command after updating the git commit id?
Something that would update some files in our repo (like the bootstrap script).

Could someone who knows what they are doing please update gnulib? And if possible also complete the update instructions?

@mmuetzel those information in etc/GNULIB.UPDATE are outdated and we forgot in cset ece72b94486f to eliminate that file.

The current information is given in bootstrap.conf and is much easier compared to the previous approach.

I take care of updating the gnulib subrepo.

Done :white_check_mark:

Thanks. That is what I was looking for.
I merged back our local changes to the bootstrap script here:

If everything works out with that update for us, maybe it is about time to ask upstream what they think of that change.

Ah thanks for the hint about our local bootstrap modification, after 6 month it was totally out of my mind :scream: Maybe a comment in both bootstrap and bootstrap.conf would be nice until our patch goes upstream?

Did anyone already post to their mailing list bug-gnulib@gnu.org?


I’d like to wait a few days to see if our modifications work on a range of different setups.
This is the first “real-life” test of that modification.
If no problems will arise, we could ask upstream for their opinion.

@mmuetzel Have you seen any problems?

I haven’t seen any reports about issues related to the gnulib update on the mailing list, the bug tracker or here.
It looks like our modification is working for people that have updated their hg repo in the meantime (and that have run the bootstrap script).

Maybe we could prepare a patch for the bootstrap script in the gnulib repository 1 that is based on the changes in 2 and propose that change upstream.

:white_check_mark: Done, I forward the thread to our maintainers mailing-list.