Using finverse for symbolic calculations

I have a copy of GNU Octave (5.1.0) in Win 10 and am looking for a way to use an equivalent to MatLab's finverse function. All I could see on the web was a reference to finverse being missing in Octave, posted sometime around 2018.
I am just getting started trying to use Octave, so am on a strictly amateur level when it comes to writing scripts which will run in the Octave environment. I read about Forge but really have no clue if it is in 5.1.0 and if not, how to install it, and then whether it even includes the finverse function. I am playing with some bifurcation diagrams and being able to easily invert a function and plot the inverse would be a great help in analyzing the stability of associated non-linear (chaotic) systems.
Any light you can shed on the issue would be appreciated.
Bob Edwards

Thank you for your question.

finverse belongs to Matlabs symbolic toolbox (

According to bug #54785 and the upstream bug

This function has not been implemented yet.

If you want to use Octave with symbolic calculations on MS Windows, please install Octave 6.2.0 (the latest stable release) as it bundles the symbolic package for you :wink:

After the installation of Octave 6.2.0, you can perform symbolic calculations

pkg load symbolic
syms x
f(x) = sin(x)
ans = (sym) 1