Variable Editor unusable because displayed off-screen

Problem description

When I try to open a variable inside the Variable Editor using right click → “Open in Variable editor”, the Variable Editor is not shown on my screen.
The problem appears for variables inside in a generic script in the editor, as well as when I try to open variables in the workspace list.
Also the command openvar does not work: when I write in the Command Window openvar x the Variable editor does not open.

I notice a strage behaviour. In the lower program Windows bar, overlapped to the Octave icon appears also the Variable Editor icon, but when I click to open it, it is not loaded and therefore I can’t see the Variable Editor (see image below).

I notice that this problem was discussed also by other users but in their case they were using an older Octave version (eg 4.4), but in my case I am using the newest version (6.1.0).

Do I need to uninstall and install again Octave due to some problems of installation?
Thank you for your support.

My system

The variable editor window might be “displayed” off-screen for some reason. This also happens for other programs for me (especially if I turn monitors on or off).
To get the window back on screen, right-click on the preview window you show in the screenshot and select “Move” (“Verschieben” in my German locale). Then, hit an arrow key on the keyboard and move the window using your mouse.


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