"Vectorized" Argument in PARARRAYFUN


I was trouble-shooting a parallel code execution problem that was using the PARARRAYFUN. I found a post by another user that was trying to solve a related problem.

In that link’s discussion, the argument “Vectorized” was discussed. It is an older post, circa 2017.

Working with the Parallel package today (October 2020), the PARARRAYFUN function doesn’t support the “Vectorized” argument. However, it does support a “UniformOutput” argument.

Did the “Vectorized” argument name get renamed to “UniformOutput”? Or is there more to this?

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take a look at:

Thanks, Doug.

So the PARARRAYFUN (and PARCELLFUN for cell arrays) are simply parallel implementations of the base ARRAYFUN and CELLFUN, respectively, yes?