Want to fix bug #49408: ode{23,45} option "Refine" has no effect

I would like to fix this bug, which appears to be current and not have anybody working on it:

I have taken a look at the relevant code in the ODE package (it touches a few files), and I think the solution will be straightforward enough. Part of the process will involve clearing out some related code that effectively does nothing, and making a couple implementation decisions which I think only have one obvious right answer.

I have a few questions as I get started:

  1. Any reason I shouldn’t work on this?
  2. Should I start an explicit discussion of what code I am removing and why, and/or of what relevant implementation decisions I want to make (and why)? If so, where should I post those discussions?
  3. Where should I submit my changes, and in what format? That is not clear to me from the bug tracker page. I will create an account there shortly and post this message as well.

In general, you don’t need “permission” for any fixes to individual bugs. Since there’s already a bug report open on Savannah, it’s best to submit patches as attachments to that tracker and you can also comment on it there.

Mercurial patches are preferred. The command hg diff >my.patch will take all your edits to the source code and roll them into a single diff / patch file that you can then upload. But for discussion about the approach, you can post snippets of code inline on Savannah using their “verbatim” tag as described on the bug tracker page. See Developer FAQ - Octave for general guidelines.

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Thank you for the response. I will get to work on fixing things now.

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