Wanted octave doc in info format to see in emacs

I had octave 6.2 installed on my debian 11 machine and was working well.
I recently installed octave 7.2 on the same machine. It works nicely. Thanks.
I prefer cli.
The documentation appears in a separate window when I give command “doc” in the octave terminal. Which is ok.
However, normally I look at the docs in Emacs using info command, which I am unable to do now.
Please guide me so that I can see docs in emacs using info (I could do this when using earlier version octave 6.2. But now in emacs I still see the old 6.2 version info only. )

Could you file an issue report about this at bugs.octave.org? It appears that the doc command (in doc.m) now tries to launch a GUI documentation browser always, versus only when the GUI is running. This seems like it should be a configurable option.

I think a simple example to reference is

doc ls

In version 6.4, this launches a CLI Info browser when running with the --no-gui option. In Octave version 7.X this launches a Qt-based Info browser.