What happened to the odepkg?

Hi, I am sorry for using this taking this thread but the issue is related with an issue that was discussed in the October’s meeting (2020, of course), the status of external packages.

Specifically my question is about the odepkg package status. I remember both from the mailing list and from here (discourse) that this issue come several times but the details are fuzzy.

The package is now absent from both SourceForge and from Octave Packages . If my memory serves me well most of the functionality has already migrated to core.

Is there any missing functionality that would be worth to migrate and/or to go to a new package?
Should this package actively be marked as obsolete?

In terms of documentation the wiki page Odepkg - Octave refers to a bitbucket repository that does not exists anymore. Should the page be updated?

FWIW I arrived to this issue when attempting to upgrade Fedora to 35 (to be released in October) because the package fails to build there. Searching further the package seems now to be absent from Debian current stable releases.

The most recent information about odepkg I could find is this mailing list thread:
Re: Octave odepkg (gnu.org)
In it, @cdf expressed that he might strip the package from the parts that were moved to core Octave and continue maintaining the remainder. I’m not sure if that has happened yet.

Thank you for the url. I read at that time but then I forgot it. :slight_smile: