Who wants to get paid to maintain and develop Octave neural network package?

Since Artificial Intelligence is a very hot and trendy subject, many governments are providing funds to help to research on related projects. :face_with_monocle:

Are you interested in getting paid by EU to maintain and develop Octave neural network package?

Did you ask the current maintainer if they are ok with you doing this?

Okay, I will contact them first and see if they want to get paid.

EU Horizon provides 100 billion Euro to support cutting edge researches! Why don’t we share a little bit? :laughing: :heart_eyes:

There is no contact information of the author.

I think we can simply start a new package. 10 years have passed and there are so many new content in this field.

Interested parties please contact us here. :money_mouth_face:

I really don’t think that the R & I funding programs of the EU are meant to develop AI toolboxes or software. Are you referring to a specific call? Have you ever participated in writing and submitting a proposal to one of those calls?

Octave AI package is a platform.

We can apply it to a specific project which requires such software. Developing an open-source software also benefits community. It also removes MATLAB software cost. :money_mouth_face:

However, we should have something new in this new package. We do not just copy from python tensorflow, karas, etc.

It suddenly comes up to my mind. I may be able to develop a completely new model for computer learning. We do not have to simulate neuro-network at all.

I will check whether EU Horizon will support me. :heart_eyes: :money_mouth_face:

interesting. but you have to know learning layers will be standardised.
that funding could be industry but mostly academic, and it needs CONNECTION, that is impossible for you to pass. unless you reshape your project for something good for human being. like ultrafast-open-source-super-easy-robust-machine-learning-tool for ALL biologist and vaccine development, etc.
technically, i use octave to generate my data from equation and talk to tensorflow at low machine level.

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Yes, your opinions coincide with my ideas. :handshake: