Why can't I use the tf function which is in control package?

I want to analyse the PLL’s tranfer function so I need to use the ‘tf’ function.

But I meet this message " error: ‘tf’ undefined near line 128, column 128 "

and Octave recommend to me add the control package. so I did it.

But now I still can’t do it. If you know the solution, plz notice to me.

Problem description

  • my error message

"error: ‘tf’ undefined near line 128, column 128

The ‘tf’ function belongs to the control package from Octave Forge which
you have installed but not loaded. To load the package, run ‘pkg load
control’ from the Octave prompt."

Please read https://www.octave.org/missing.html to learn how you can
contribute missing functionality.

My system

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Octave version: e.g. Version 6.3.0
  • Installation method: e.g. Downloaded and installed “octave-6.3.0-w64-installer.exe” from Download

After you install the control pkg you have to load the control pkg.
pkg load control

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