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I have a jitsi instance set up at

We’ll start in about 50 minutes.

I’m having problems connecting to that room. It either fails while trying to connect, or I’m kicked a few seconds in. Both with Google Chrome and MS Edge (Chromium).
Anyone more successful?

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I mostly observe the same with firefox.

I’m also having trouble with it disconnecting me.

I started another meeting here:


Let’s try that and see whether it works better.

The second, on meet.jit.si is working. So the meeting will take place there.

As Rik noted in our thread about goals for the next release, it’s been a while since we have had an online developer meeting, so:

Join us for another semi-formal meeting of Octave developers next Tuesday March 23 at 18:00 UTC. If I’m getting the time zones right, that is 11:00 Pacific / 14:00 Eastern in the US, 19:00 in Central Europe and 03:00 in Japan (Wednesday).

I intend to use Jitsi for the meeting and will post a URL here and also to the IRC channel an hour or so before the meeting begins.

We’ll mostly be discussing the plans for the next major release. If anyone else has a specific topic they would like to discuss or something to present, please let me know.

This meeting is open to anyone with an interest in Octave development. It is not intended to be a support forum.


I copied your message to the maintainers mailing list:
Online Developer Meeting Announcement (gnu.org)
I hope that is ok.

Wiki is set up: Online Developer Meeting (2021-03-23) - Octave

I started the meeting at https://meet.jit.si/octave-dev-2021-03-23

Thanks for the nice meeting :slightly_smiling_face: I updated the wiki with my notes.

At the end it was thought about having a regular online meeting like this. How about each 4th Tuesday of a month at the same time? This would make the next meeting

Tuesday April 27 at 18:00 UTC

That’s a good idea. Absent a pressing issue, people can always pose topics immediately ahead of the meeting, and it’s easy enough to cancel until next month if there’s no interest.

Regular is good. 4th Tuesday works most of the time for me. I will have to miss this month (April 27th) and later the October 26th meeting.

Please edit the topics on the wiki page for the meeting next week: Online Developer Meeting (2021-04-27) - Octave :writing_hand:

The wiki is setup for Tuesday :slightly_smiling_face:

The wiki is setup for 2021-06-22T18:00:00Z :slightly_smiling_face:

I will be able to attend the July 27th meeting. Looking forward to it. When does the announcement for the meeting usually post? Is it a 1 week ahead, a few days ahead, the day before?

Great, I am looking forward to hear you @rik :slightly_smiling_face:

Since we agreed (at least to my knowledge nobody opposed :innocent: ) on meeting each 4th Tuesday every month, an announcement seems not urgent to me.

Each time I set up the wiki, I post it here as kind of “friendly reminder” and to inform maintainers who want to put their topics of interest on the agenda. I greatly appreciate to not run out of topics during the meeting and to get a sense for what Octave developers care about.

P.S.: The wiki is setup for 2021-07-27T18:00:00Z :wink:

Is there a meeting tomorrow (August 24th)? Or is it always the last Tuesday of the month in which case it would be August 31st?