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Great, I am looking forward to hear you @rik :slightly_smiling_face:

Since we agreed (at least to my knowledge nobody opposed :innocent: ) on meeting each 4th Tuesday every month, an announcement seems not urgent to me.

Each time I set up the wiki, I post it here as kind of “friendly reminder” and to inform maintainers who want to put their topics of interest on the agenda. I greatly appreciate to not run out of topics during the meeting and to get a sense for what Octave developers care about.

P.S.: The wiki is setup for 2021-07-27T18:00:00Z :wink:

Is there a meeting tomorrow (August 24th)? Or is it always the last Tuesday of the month in which case it would be August 31st?

It is scheduled for 2021-08-24T18:00:00Z:

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I added some topics to the Wiki page of next online meeting:
Online Developer Meeting (2021-09-28) - Octave

Hope that’s ok.

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