Would you like to help me make this short script prettier or more readable?

I created a whimsical YouTube video whose audio I generated with an Octave script.

I included the Octave code in the description of the video, for the benefit of any geeky people who might be curious how I made the sound. (The sound in question is a forever-descending Shepard tone: like those famous Escher stairs, it gets lower and lower forever without actually going anywhere.)

Would you like to take a look at it and tell me what you’d suggest doing to make it more idiomatic, cleaner, prettier, or more human-readable? I don’t want to change its output (since the video is already published and I’m happy with how it sounds), but I’d love to make it more appealing or more instructive to the human reader.

Here’s the video:


If you attach the script or include it in a reply as text you will be more likely to get help.