WSL on windows 11?

Wondering if anyone in the Windows world has decided to dabble with windows 11 yet, and if so if they’ve tried the supposedly streamlined WSL install process. Supposedly a single command sets up WSL 2 and full GUI capable Ubuntu. I had started following the win10 WSL instructions to see about setting up an octave build environment, but never quite finished it out.

Not sure when/if I’ll get around to upgrading to win11. heard some of the wsl improvement was back ported to win10 wsl, but nothing seemed overly different as I played with it.

It’s been some time since I played around with WSL and WSL2 on Windows 10.
I added some notes to the wiki about that:
Building on Microsoft Windows (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

IIUC, wsl --install now also works on Windows 10 with all updates. (I haven’t tested that though.)

From what I read, WSLg (IIUC, native Wayland and Pulse Audio server for WSL) might be very interesting. It might be possible that it could replace the need for a full-fledged VM or dual boot for developers/testers on Windows.
However, it’s not clear to me if this will be Windows 11 only or whether this will also work on Windows 10 after some feature upgrade.

Please, feel free to update the Wiki and keep us informed here if you come around to testing the current state of WSL, WSL2 and/or WSLg.