Your readme sucks

your readme file sucks

Your readme sucks because it only includes version information and edge cases. How do I use the software? Bad documentation is a red flag. I guess I have to use matlab until I see some software improvement.

After having started Octave GUI you can open the documentation browser and go through much more detailed description on how to start working with octave. As far as I know there are also links to online versions of this documentation in the readme file.

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@OliviaL22538175 Thank you for your helpful critique! As is common with free open source projects, quality documentation is a continual challenge. And Octave’s documentation has been a recent point of discussion.

Thankfully, again, Octave is an open source product that makes it easy for people to make it better. You can get started over on the Get Involved page. We look forward to your valuable contributions!

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