YouTube channel on Octave

Hi, I attach the link to my ongoing Octave Tutorial playlist in YouTube:

If you find it useful please suscribe to the channel. You can also suggest topics for future videos, and I will try to cover them. In this playlist I try to cover different basic concepts for people who are new to Octave. In the future I will create more advanced playlists on using Octave for problems related to Quantum Chemistry, Spectroscopy and some other scientific stuff.
Thank you very much!


This is my latest video on Octave:
Please let me know of any specific topics that you may be interested in, and I’ll try to make a video on them!

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Hi, I posted a new video of my octave series.
It’s about for loops, and the example is to automatically read and plot multiple spectra from ASCII files in a folder.
Hope people find it useful!

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